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Entrepreneurs:  The Time Has Never Been Better To Start Your Own Business ----------WE CAN EVEN FINANCE !!!   

   MODEL  C1T     BASE PRICE     $1,995.00

   MODEL  C1D    BASE PRICE     $1,995.00

   MODEL  B2T     BASE PRICE     $2,995.00

  MODEL  BD2    BASE PRICE     $2,995.00

  MODEL  A3T    BASE PRICE     $3,695.00

  MODEL  A3D    BASE PRICE     $3,695.00



Model SH200.....Beautiful Diamond Plate Aluminum Unbelievable QUALITY !!!

    PANS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY                                                                 DESIGNS AND PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE  




      Victor and Company offers an affordable monthly lease-purchase program on all of our carts.
Get a brand new Model # B2T for as little as $6 or $7 per day and less than $500 cash out of pocket! (OAC)
Your cart can pay for itself in the first 10 or 15 minutes of your day and generates pure positive cash flow for whole the rest of the day!

Victor & Company Hot Dog Carts are the #1 Hotdog Cart made in the U.S.A.

Victor Custom Made Vending Carts Are PROUDLY Made in USA   

Voice Mail: (602) 251-1650 
Office: (602) 278-8000 Fax: (602) 278-8086


Best Value and Quality

For over 30 years Victor & Co. has designed and crafted each individual cart. Victor's carts generate great profits with a low operating and minimal maintenance costs.


Unsurpassed Quality & Craftsmanship

Our collection of mobile carts contain an original and exclusive design that is user friendly.   Since 1983 Carts by Victor has developed a reputation of unsurpassed quality and value. 

In your mobile catering business, it is important that your equipment is functional and dependable in your day to day operation.  Since you are mobile, you have options to use your cart on a daily basis for various catering functions as well as special events or day / evening locations.


Superior Service After The Sale

Its not just the cart purchase, its having access to information to assist you by phone call or stopping by our offices.  We will do our best to answer questions on specifics in the business that come up with your day to day operation of your mobile food catering business.  You have the opportunity to earn extra income every day.  


We Offer Financing !!!  

We are pleased to offer for the first time financing to assist you in achieving your goals and dreams of financial independence.  We have an online application that costs you nothing to fill out.  Find out what your dreams will cost you MONTHLY.

Depending on your credit and which cart you select, you might have it for as little as $140 per month, maybe less. If you operate your cart just 5 days a week, that works out to less than $7.00 per day.  And depending on what price you are selling your dogs for (and whether you also sell your customer a can of soda or a bag of chips), you could have that covered in the first one or two sales every day.  Everything after that each and every day is profit in your pocket!



Call today to learn how to become an entrepreneur and  get started in the Very Profitable mobile food catering business today.

Victor & Company
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Voice Mail: (602) 251-1650
Office:         (602) 278-8000
Fax:             (602) 278-8086


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